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Faith at Work is an attempt to enrich the sense of connection between God’s work and our work. It has developed out of research work exploring the Christian concept of vocation, the theology of work and contemporary approaches for equipping and supporting Christians for life in their places of work. Alistair Mackenzie began this work in 1993.

In 1996 a group of Christian business people provided funding for Alistair to “…conduct a survey to determine the issues facing Christians in their daily work that could be addressed…”. Subsequent funding led to the development of a number of courses offered through the Bible College of New Zealand (now Laidlaw College – www.laidlaw.ac.nz) in 1997 including, God’s Work and our Work, Career and Life Planning, Ethics for the Marketplace, Everyday Spirituality and Vocation Work and Ministry. Content from these courses was also published in a series of articles and books. Faith at Work also offers seminars and consultancy with churches and other organisations.

For a summary of survey results and explanation of how these have affected the approach of Faith at Work (NZ) please see an interview with Alistair published in Reality magazine.

Alistair MackenzieAlistair Mackenzie BSc. BD. MTh

Alistair grew up in a family involved with timber milling and manufacturing, and a construction company in Christchurch, New Zealand. He began his working life in the timber mill, then as a truck driver while completing his science degree. After theological training he spent 21 years in pastoral ministry in three Baptist churches in N.Z. Alistair was also involved for 12 years in the leadership of a Christian mission and development agency, Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor.

He has also served as a staff worker for the Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship, and is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Theology, Mission and Ministry at Laidlaw College. Alistair is also a member of the Theology of Work Project Alistair is the author of several books and numerous papers. Most of Alistair’s research has been devoted to exploring how churches can better equip and support Christians for ministry in daily life.

Alistair is married to Alison and they have two children, Catherine and Christopher and a lovely grand-daughter Ruby.