C&LP Links

The Riley Guide: Richard Bolles calls it the best site

Job Hunters Bible: Richard Bolles’ own site


Kiwicareers: NZ Government funded careers site

 Jobs and Careers Web Directory


Identify your personal type according to the Jung/Myers-Briggs personality typology

Kiersey Temperament Sorter online

Enneagram Test

A variety of personality and career tests including enneagram


Transferable skills exercises from Kiwicareers

Transferable Skills inventory downloadable in Adobe Acrobat format from Kiwi Careers site (please note: this is in pdf format and may take a while to download)

Career Interests Game based on the work of John Holland

Spiritual Gifts: There are a number of questionnaires online, there are hard to commend. Try googling “discover your spiritual gifts” and make your own choice.


Update on Edgar Scheins’ Career Anchors