MoL Articles

A Ministry of All by Kathryn Palen

Lay Ministry – 41 page pdf outline of issues and resources prepared by Anne Van Dusen for the Alban Institute to accompany their Lay Ministry website

Christifideles Laici: on the vocation and mission of the lay faithful: A copy of John Paul II’s encyclical from the Vatican site.

Empowering the Priesthood of All Believers: George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury, spells out some of the challenges that recognition of the ministry of the laithy in the world presents to the church.

OF Frogs and Lizards: Lee Yih combines two intriguing pictures with an interesting historical overview.

The Laity: Pete Hammond speaks at the Lausanne conference.

“Laity in Ministry to the World: God’s Secret Weapon for Reforming the Church and the World” Edward H. Schroeder

The Church’s Vocation in Society through the Ministry of the Laity in the Languages of Their Daily Lives: Norma Cook Everist.

The Laity/Clergy Division Myth

Eugene Peterson