Small Group Studies

Where’s God on Monday? by Alistair Mackenzie and Wayne Kirkland.

“Where’s God on Monday?” is the question that Alistair Mackenzie (Christchurch theology lecturer and pastor) and Wayne Kirkland (Wellington car dealer) try to answer in this book. It introduces a variety of different biblical perspectives relating to our daily work in twelve short, highly readable chapters. Each chapter concludes with a list of insightful questions designed as discussion starters for use in small groups.


Chapter 1 The Problem of Definition
Chapter 2 The Positive Beginnings of Work
Chapter 3 How the Fall Affects Work
Chapter 4 God’s Transforming Work
Chapter 5 God’s Maintenance Work
Chapter 6 The Futility of Work
Chapter 7 R.I.P. – Resting in Peace
Chapter 8 What is Your Calling?
Chapter 9 Dealing a blow to the Spiritual/Secular Split
Chapter 10 Words, Words, Words
Chapter 11 Putting it all Together
Chapter 12 Real Issues for Real People

Christian Life and Work Video and DVD Series. Presenter: Mark Greene and others. This excellent six part video resource and step by step leader’s guide will help small groups to: Know the joy of working for God from “9-5″ & support each other effectively at work.

Christians at Work – this website includes some outlines for small group studies on-line

Latimer “Christians in the Workplace” series of articles: These are the same articles that appear in the book Faith at Work edited by Peter Mathieson and are accompanied by a study guide for small groups.

Sacred Space for Workplace and Organisations -10 sets of exercises, reflections and discussion starters for exploring spirituality at work. Includes downloadable pdf manual.

DVD Resources for Group Discussion

Big Kahuna a movie that explores faith and work themes.
The Smartest Guys in the Room – Documentary of events surrounding the demise of Enron
Antz an animated movie that invites an exploration of work-related themes
A Vision for Workplace Ministry Two 20 minute creative presentations by Mark Greene exploring faith and work themes.
Taking Care of Business: a series of six sermons by Andy Stanley dealing with work related problems with a Study Guide also available.

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